Carpathian Patericon

Carpathian Patericon

The volume Carpathian Patericon evokes an exceptional spiritual personality from the end of the 20th century. (…) Through the present book, we are in the presence of a man of direct experience, a man embodying the eloquence and the fine reasonable argument of the possibility of an authentic, unmistakable and unamalgamated encounter with God, here and now, an encounter enabled firts and foremost from the very image of this man’s presence. We can discover within the pages of the Carpathian Patericon, captured from diverse perspectives belonging to the people who met him “face to face” or indirectly, through his writings, the image of a Hesychast mystic, profound theologian and subtle mistagogue, revealed as gifted teacher of the practice and experience of the “ceaseless prayer”, in the specific Orthodox Hesychast tradition (…) a contemporary spiritual father, Avva Ghelasie from Frăsinei (1944-2003).

Hieromonk Neofit

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